We provide a range of services including hand and upper limb rehabilitation, splinting, wound care and pain management.

Injury Management

Each injury requires a particular approach to nurture and manage each injury classification pertaining to the unique requirements of each individual. Our Practitioners make sure every consideration is made to classify, support and provide ongoing management of each hand and upper limb injury type.

Hand and upper limb rehabilitation

Static splinting

Dynamic splinting



Prescription and fitting of compression garments


We provide a range of personally tailored rehabilitation programs as a part of our ongoing services. These services are designed to provide the care and support our clients need to reduce/remove the long-term effects of injuries, manage pain, and maximise recovery and mobility.


Graded functional activities

Facilitation of return to work

Ongoing Care & Support

Ongoing treatment plans provide for the healthy recovery of every injury. We consider each patient's long term rehabilitation as a part of our consultation and treatment processes, and provide exceptional support for the care and management of injuries.

Wound care

Oedema management

Scar management

Pain management

Wound management

EKCO support