At EKCO Hand Therapy,
we are dedicated
to achieving the
best outcomes for
our patients.

We use evidence based practice, experienced professionals and goal oriented treatment programs to facilitate a fast and effective recovery.

Hand Therapy

EKCO Hand Therapy offers a premium service that integrates acute management of hand and upper limb injuries with physical conditioning, splinting, return to work and vocational rehabilitation. EKCO Hand Therapy works in conjunction with Sonic HealthPlus, Australia’s largest provider of occupational health services. Together, EKCO Hand Therapy and Sonic HealthPlus work to provide the very best patient outcomes.

Splints & Braces

Our Therapists can manufacture and fit braces and splints specific to your requirements. The majority of our splints are custom-made from thermoplastic material and are made on-site during your appointment. As the splint is hand-made it is possible to adjust it if you have changes in swelling, to increase comfort or to accommodate your condition as you progress.


Waterproof casts are a great alternative to plaster of paris casts particularly for children or those with sensitive skin. The cast allows the user to swim in a pool or shower without the need to keep the arm dry. Our therapists are highly skilled in casting and providing your fracture is stable and appropriate for waterproof casting it is a great alternative in Queensland weather.

Musicians Injuries

In a large orchestral survey in Australia, 84% of over 400 professional musicians report having suffered pain or injuries that have affected their playing. About 50% of these musicians had pain affecting performance at the time of playing. In fact, performance-related issues are also prevalent in tertiary and school-age players. Some common conditions in the upper limb include carpal tunnel syndrome, de quervain’s tenosynovitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and shoulder bursitis.

The most common cause of musicians’ injury is due to chronic overuse of the body. Injury is a result of a combination of factors, including long hours of playing, insufficient rest, poor posture, and poor set-up of the environment. With insufficient rehabilitation, the injury persists as the tissues fatigue easily and the movement is less efficient, leading to a risk of re-aggravation. An understanding of these factors and developing the ability to tweak them may render a lot of these injuries preventable.


Following the guidelines by Australian
Society for Performing Arts Healthcare
(ASPAH), consultation at EKCO Hand
therapy may include:

  • Identifying risk factors
  • Posture and technique analysis using
    video cameras or mirrors
  • Splinting/bracing for rest or activity
  • Appropriate exercises for strengthening, stretching, proprioception, body awareness
  • Developing a maintenance program

Please bring your instrument to your appointment so that we can effectively assess all aspects relating to your condition.

Pain Management

Pain can be a natural part of the healing process particularly in the early stages of injury, and usually resolves as healing progresses. In the interim, splinting, positioning and oedema management, provided by your therapist, can help relieve pain. At times pain can be prolonged or be greater than expected for the type and time since injury, developing into a pain syndrome. Your therapist can assist, treat and overcome the complications of complex pain (such as abnormal sensation, stiffness, swelling, weakness) from this condition.

Workplace Injuries

If you have injured your hand at work, EKCO Hand Therapy may be able to assist. We work closely with a number of compensation bodies to support workers to achieve a safe and sustainable return to work. To make an appointment you will need an active claim number, a referral from your GP or medical specialist and a current medical certificate.


Arthritis is an umbrella term for a group of diseases affecting the joints of our body. The most common of these being osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. It is a leading cause of disability and chronic pain in Australia, and can affect people of all ages and abilities. Inflammation of the joints is the main cause of arthritis, which in turn can cause pain, stiffness and damage to the joint and surrounding structures. In some cases this results in disability and chronic pain which significantly impacts our ability to function.

Early intervention is key as it can help delay the onset of arthritis and slow down the progression of the disease. Seeing a Practitioner in Hand Therapy for arthritis affecting the hand and wrist can prove helpful. Our focus is on protection and management through education concerning ergonomic changes, joint protection, and the use of assistive devices. We can also construct soft and hard splints that control pain. Exercise programs can assist to build your strength and flexibility. At EKCO, we aim to maximise your ability to participate in the activities you enjoy and enhance the quality of life for people suffering from arthritis.

Sporting Injuries

Our team can help you get back to the sport you love quicker. Sporting injuries can range from sprains or dislocations, to fractures that require surgery. Other common sporting injuries that we treat at EKCO Hand Therapy include; tennis and golfer’s elbow, TFCC tears, gymnast’s wrist, rock climbing finger pulley injuries and ganglion cysts.

We are able to offer a comprehensive treatment plan throughout recovery. Often, this requires adequate immobilisation with splints from the early stages of injury, to weaning to supportive braces or taping techniques in the later phases. Our therapists are able to provide supports that will meet the strict guidelines of sporting clubs. Returning to sports also involves an individualised exercise program, necessary to retrain the upper limb in a timely process.